TSA ‘Freeze Drill’ video at Phoenix Airport

We are being trained like DOGS. The latest TSA tactic of ‘control’ is the ‘freeze drill’, a scare tactic coming randomly to an airport near you.

“Its a good way of steadily brainwashing sheeple into cooperating.”

Uploaded to YouTube:

As if air travel couldn’t get any worse: this (regrettably short) video shows an new TSA “strategy” which they are quietly beginning to implement: the “freeze drill”.

At Phoenix, Arizona’s airport, WITHIN the “secured” area of the gates, I suddenly found myself in a bunch of travelers who were being sharply told to “STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! DON’T MOVE!”. A TSA employee was pointing his blue-gloved hand at anyone who moved a muscle (including airport workers) and barking these orders. Beyond him were two other agents doing the same thing to everyone in a 90-degree radius. The tension was rather palpable, as you might imagine. No explanation was given, no other words were spoken. No one moved a muscle. Parents grabbed their children. Anyone who fidgeted or made a step forward got yelled at.

Two minutes or so later, Mr. Gloved Hand brusquely waved everyone about their business (as seen in the tape). I only managed to capture the final 30 seconds or so of the incident.

After this, I walked into the terminal intersection they had cut off, expecting to see someone in handcuffs, face down on the carpet with a bunch of cops on him. Or at least ONE single police officer or security guard… but there were none. There was NO incident happening, whatsoever. And everyone went onwards to their gates.

I wound up sitting next to a couple on the plane and asked them if they got ensnared in this weirdness, and they didn’t. But it turned out that the guy sitting next to me knew exactly what it was: an insane TSA strategy of mind control. It’s called a “freeze drill”.


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