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Why Do We Need “Washington DC” ?

June 28, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


Why is it that “our” politicians (“representatives”) spend so much time in Washington D.C., and in today’s modern world – is it necessary at all?

Could our system change for the better if our representatives stayed in their home states instead? At least for most of the time??

I recently heard this suggested on a popular radio talk show, and thought the idea was worth mentioning to you…

Think about it… Why D.C.?

Washington D.C. corrupts. It enables an overwhelming mindset of power and control, given its establishment as the center of the universe, so to speak.

We as ordinary working people, cannot ordinarily go to Washington D.C. to meet with our representatives face-to-face. Instead, it is a central and convenient meeting place for lobbyists to swarm – for THEM to have the majority of face time with YOUR representatives.

What if… your representatives were at home, in your state, in their own office location, closer to you than you are to D.C. Not only would that enable them to remain in touch with the going’s on in their home area, but it will enable YOU to meet and interact more easily with THEM.

They vote electronically anyway as it is, so what’s the difference placing their vote from their office in their home state rather than their office in Washington D.C.?

Why are they there in D.C. at all?

Ever heard of teleconferencing? It’s done every day in America’s businesses and businesses all around the world.

Ever heard of the occasional conference or ‘trade show’ where industry partners get together face-to-face once in a while? Why not the same with Congress? Sure, let them meet together from time to time, but instead lets make that minimal. Keep them at home more often instead…

Think of how much more difficult it would be for lobbyists to have to travel to various regions all around the 50 states of America to peddle their bribes rather than one convenient stop in D.C. to hit them all at once?

Additionally, think of how much more secure our overall government would be by having our representatives stay in their home state… no single point of failure, so to speak. When they’re all together in one place, the entire thing could theoretically be taken out in one instance.

Imagine if our representatives actually had to face US as their constituents on a more regular basis, being more accessible to us? What a concept…

Less likely that they will be corrupted to the degree at which they are when they’re all in one place for easy pickins…

Less peer pressure perhaps…from those who’ve been there ‘forever’ entrenched into the corrupted system…

Being away from them and out of each-others influence would lead to more independent thinking on their part… ‘thinking’ that would be more likely to represent their constituents?

Seriously, why do they all need to be in Washington?


…looking forward to your pros and cons