Best First Aid Kit 2014

September 7, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


The best first aid kit of 2014, decided by customer reviews, ratings and popularity, has been #1 for several years in a row – which is adding to it’s credibility.

Whenever anyone says ‘best’ or in this case,’best first aid kit’, it is entirely subjective. This particular kit while not designed for professional EMS, is apparently designed and priced for typical use by the average Joe – while providing more value than other similar kits.

The Complete First Aid Kit easily ranks number one with 92% of all reviews being 4 or 5 stars (

The manufacturer, Phoenix-Lazerus,Inc. (Made in the USA), says “The focus of most first aid kit companies is packing as many cheap pieces in as possible. The ‘Complete First Aid Kit’ is focused on giving the widest variety of products and having quantities for each that will work in harmony.”

Here’s a list of contents:

32 Certi-Strips (1″ x 3″ )
6 Extra Large Certi-Strips (2″ x 3″)
9 Heavy Weight Woven Fingertip and Knuckle Certi-Strips
4 Certi-Gauze Pads (3″ x 3″)
1 Ace Style Bandage (2″ x 5 yd.)
1 Triangular Bandage w/ 2 Pins
1 Absorbent Compress (32″ Square)
1 Certi-Tape – Medical Tape (1/2″ x 2.5 yd. )
5 Cotton Swabs (3″)
10 Certi-Sporyn Packets (1 gm.)
10 Antiseptic BZK Towelettes (5” x 7”)
6 Certi-Burn Cream Packets (1 gm.)
2 Insect Sting Wipe-Ups (1” x 2”)
1 Save-A-Tooth (Tooth Preserving System)
1 CPRotector (CPR barrier)
1 Certi-Lancet (Blister And Splinter Relief)
2 Pairs Of Nitrile Gloves
1 Foil Rescue Blanket (52” x 84”)
1 Instant Cold Pack (5” x 7”)
1 Wood Splint (6”)
1 Green Glow Stick (6”)
1 Certi-Cet – Acetametophen (2 ct.)
1 Certi-Profen – Ibuprofen (2 ct.)
1 First Aid Facts Guide

10 First Aid Kit Ad-on Items

While this is a-lot of first aid supplies for $29 (as of this post), and the kit is designed to include what they consider the best for that price point, if you augment the kit with a few additional items it will be even more complete.

Things like Quality scissors and tweezers like the SlipNSnip brand folding scissors, and the number one rated professional quality tweezers (use for slivers, etc.).

I would also add something to stop traumatic bleeding, a subject which I wrote about in the article, “How To Stop The Bleeding With QuikClot“. I hope I never have to use it, but I’ve added this bandage to my first aid kits.

Other Attributes:

Save-A-Tooth – If you are a parent this should absolutely be a part of your first aid kit. The Save-A-Tooth is amazing.

Good Assortment – There are still some items I would add but on a price vs. assortment scale this product gets a solid 9.5. Insect sting wipes, ace bandages, glow stick, lancet, rescue blanket, burn cream, splint and tooth saver are not items that you normally find all in one place. This kit has all the right tools for basic emergencies.

Certified Products – 510K certified sterile products. Exceeds 2013 ANSI Standards.

Quality – If you haven’t tried Certified brand products, you are in for a treat. For example, most of the drug store kits have medical tape made of plastic, meaning whatever you put on will be sweaty and gooey by the end of the day. The stuff in this kit is breathable meaning that it stays on and stays cool.

Don’t just buy a first aid kit and stow it away in a closet. Take the time to look over the contents and understand what each is for, and how you would use it. Then put it away…

A first aid kit is often overlooked as an essential preparedness item. We don’t think about it – until we actually need it. In my opinion, everyone should have one at home, and in their vehicle at all times.

If you have advice on extras to add to a kit like this, add a comment with your opinion…