Survival Medicine Handbook

February 29, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

I have recently received a copy of The Doom and Bloom ‘Survival Medicine Handbook’, a guide to staying healthy in an uncertain future, written by Joseph Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., also known as Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of

“There may come a day when emergency personnel may not be available to save your life or that of your loved ones. In this situation YOU will be the end of the line when it comes to the medical well being of your family. Do you have the knowledge and training to take on that responsibility?”

Source: The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook

An often overlooked skill-set for survival ’emergency preparedness’ is that of First Aid. There are countless first aid circumstances that are taken for granted in our modern world, but could quickly become deadly in a post-modern world. Even a basic understanding of first aid should be a requirement for all preppers. I’ve read several first aid books, and I find this one to be exceptional.


The 423 page Survival Medicine book is sectioned into 8 categories, each containing specific segments or topics. Here is a sampling of ‘some’ of the topics inside.

Principles of Medical Preparedness
Discusses the history, psychology and principles of preparedness medicine, collapse medicine, integrated and wilderness medicine.

Becoming a Medical Resource
Includes status assessment, likely issues you will face, skills you will want to learn, supplies, remedies, and more…

Hygiene, Sanitation and Environment
Dental issues, respiratory infections, food and water-borne illness, diarrheal disease, food poisoning

Appendicitis, urinary tract infections, hepatitis, abscesses, mosquito borne illness, athletes foot, and more…

Environmental Factors
Heat stroke, hypothermia, wildfires and smoke inhalation, radiation sickness, etc.

Injuries and Reactions
Injuries to soft tissues, minor wounds, major wounds, stitches, suture, blisters, burns, bites, stings, rashes, sprains, fractures, and more…

Chronic Medical Problems
Thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers and acid reflux, seizure, joint disease, kidney and gall bladder stones

Other Important Medical Issues
CPR in a collapse situation, headache, eye care, nosebleeds, earache, hemorrhoids, pregnancy and delivery, anxiety and depression, stockpiling medications, how to use antibiotics, expiration dates


One day there may come a time when a pandemic, civil unrest or terrorist event may precipitate a situation where the miracle of modern medicine may be unavailable. Indeed, not only unavailable, but even to the point that the potential for access to modern facilities no longer exists.

Help is NOT on the way; therefore, you have become the place where the “buck” stops for the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to your medical welfare.

Few are prepared to deal with this harsh reality. To go further, very few are willing to even entertain the possibility that such a tremendous burden might be placed upon them. Even for those willing, there are few, if any, books that will consider this drastic turn of events.

Source: The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook


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