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Where Is Enterovirus In The United States Coming From?

October 8, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


The so called ‘Mystery Virus’, as reported by most of the mainstream, may not really be such a mystery (with regards to it’s sudden exploding outbreak in the United States).

While I’m sure that many people are thinking it – NO ONE in the mainstream media is asking the question: Where did the Enterovirus come from and why is it suddenly exploding across the United States?

Here’s my opinion…

The deadly Enterovirus is affecting countless children throughout the United States – many many more than ever before. I believe that it is now in all 50 states, or close to it.

According to the Journal of General Virology, the Enterovirus strain (EV-D68) has been very rare in the United States. Apparently only 26 clinical cases between 1970 until fairly recently – have been reported here.

What has changed this year??

Answer: Tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children have swarmed into the United States through our open-border to the south, and there has been high concern regarding the disease which is being brought into the United States as a result. Border agents have even been warning about potential virus outbreak – but the message is falling upon deaf ears in the media and government.

The Obama administration has not only enabled illegal immigration policies (by the lack of enforcement), but has relocated illegal immigrant children to all 50 states. This year’s illegal immigration has been quite extraordinary, and this, I see as a possible (probable) cause for the sudden explosion of Enterovirus in the United States.

NO ONE in the mainstream is suggesting this. Instead, they are qualifying the outbreak as a ‘mystery’.

Why are they doing this?

In my opinion, it is because of Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to illegals after the November elections. The willing press is helping the plan along by avoiding any association between Enterovirus and illegal immigrant children.

Additionally, in my opinion, the reason that the Obama administration has not stopped flights from Ebola infected countries into the United States is because of the similar negative association it would cause (despite the extraordinary risks). He’s going to executive order amnesty sometime after the elections. You watch and see…