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This Thanksgiving Day We Celebrate Our Preparedness Successes

November 24, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

Norman Rockwell – Freedom from Want

As someone who has prepared for a potential time of need and for a time of potential food & supply disruption (and worse), I am grateful for what I do have, and will celebrate today for this year’s ‘bountiful harvest’ (this year’s preparedness successes).

So as the Pilgrims celebrated their harvest and gathered around the table for feast, lets also celebrate our own successes this year in the realm of preparedness.

What are your preparedness successes that stand out from the rest this past year?

My Top-3 preparedness successes this year:

1. I am happy to have successfully completed a new 2500 square foot fenced-in garden and to have had success growing various foods there this year.

2. I am happy to have successfully added major upgrades to our personal and homestead security this year (OPSEC prohibits the details 😉 ).

3. I am happy to have successfully reached a point of several years food storage.

What are some of your preparedness successes this year?

(This is not a competition! We each are along various timelines of our own preparedness journey)