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Do You Feel The Pressure That We Are Running Out Of Time For Preparedness?

November 18, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


A recent comment rings true: “I’m feeling the pressure…like I’m running out of time” (with prepping / preparedness).

I have no doubt that MANY people are feeling this.

I have a question for you…

Why is that?

Gut instincts are usually correct in one way or another. There are REASONS why we feel the way that we do. When we refer to a gut instinct or intuition, often the reason for it is unseen, suppressed, or not immediately tangibly evident. But our ‘spidey senses’ know that ‘something’ is happening…

Many of you have been into preparedness for a long time while others are new. However I get the sense that many feel that we’re running out of time before our preparedness plans will be put to the test.

I have my own opinions in this regard, however I would like to hear from you. We have lots of contributing readers here who comment, and it will be interesting for everyone to hear (read) each-other’s opinion. Maybe we will come up with several common denominators, so to speak…

Try to focus your thoughts on “why NOW?”. Why does it (whatever ‘it’ is) seem to be coming to a critical or crucial stage?