Untold Thousands of Dead Worms Plague Ohio


From Louisville to Cincinnati to Dayton to Cleveland, beginning yesterday afternoon there have been thousands upon untold thousands of earthworms coming out of the ground which have subsequently ‘fried’ on the surface from the rays of the sun.

Some local mainstream media outlets are reporting that the cause of the earthworm die-off is from heavy rain or acidic soil. The problem is, some of the reported areas have been dry, and certainly not all of Ohio soil has suddenly become ‘acidic’.

Another explanation is that it is mating season for earthworms (the Spring), when they often come out of the ground and get trapped on the concrete or hard surfaces, and eventually die from the sun’s rays.

The thing is, I don’t recall having heard of this kind of mass earthworm doom-and-gloom occurring on such a wide scale, and found it interesting given the fact that so many other animal die-off’s have been reported during this past year.


Using logic to try and determine why so many worms have died across such a wide expanse of land, nearly all at the same time, I ask myself, what makes a worm come out of the ground?

Electrical Currents
OK, perhaps ‘mating season’, but I don’t really know about that…

I’m not a worm expert, but, do all the earthworms within a 300 mile region suddenly get ‘the urge’ at the same time??

Could it be some mysterious electrical current within the ground that is zapping the worms up to the surface?

Or could it be earth tremors, low enough in frequency but enough to ‘frighten’ the worms out of the ground?

Who knows… but it is a phenomenon of interest due to the wide geographical range of occurrence.

The bright side is, if you’re a fisherman looking for bait, it looks like easy pickins…

Why a report like this on a ‘survival’ site? Because events like this ‘could’ be equivalent to the canary-in-the-coal-mine. Maybe not, but, what if…

Update: Earthquake in Ohio!
Magnitude 3.0
Sunday, June 5, 2011 15:35:20 UTC
Sunday, June 5, 2011 11:35:20 AM at epicenter
Depth: 5.00 km (3.11 mi)

Who would’ve thought… and earthquake in Ohio?? It may be that the earthworms there knew something. Or, maybe the explanation remains waterlogged soil throughout the State?


There has been some comment regarding the ground water aquifer in Ohio, being similarly located along the ‘worm-kill’ zone. Here is a map with the blue color indicating available ground water.
Ohio Ground Water Aquifer Map

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