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Food Storage, Water, and Cash for 1st-Time Preppers

April 12, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


If (when?) hard times or adversity comes your way, a food storage reserve and some saved cash money will be your good fortune as you make your way through the hardship.

I encourage you to prepare for difficulty in life. You may be doing fine today, but calamity is known to strike when you may least expect it. It happens, and it can bring down anyone.

Do not let your normalcy bias hinder your thinking such that you become convinced that you are safe or shielded from adversity – instead use critical thinking and common sense to realize that things happen outside of your control. And some of these things can be very bad.

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Food and Water Storage At Home

April 11, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


As you are acquiring extra food storage, where do you put it all? Most typical homes have ample storage space for preps like extra food and water – but you might need to get creative…

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What Inspires Food Storage?

April 11, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Why should I have food storage? In a word –> security.

Having food storage in my home affords a certain peace of mind – knowing that “come what may” there will be food on the table.

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A Revolutionary ‘Spark’ In Nevada?

April 10, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Bundy Ranch — Bunkerville, Nevada

There is a rapidly developing story at a Nevada ranch between an old time rancher family (a cattle ranch since the 1800′s) and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

The short of it is that BLM has just declared the adjacent federal land (which the cattle ranch has been using for grazing since the 1800′s) to be ‘protected’ because of a federally-protected desert tortoise (yes, a turtle). Due to non-compliance, the Feds have now descended upon the ranch and are apparently forcibly removing the cattle from rancher Cliven Bundy.

Today, during a confrontation, the federal agents became the aggressors and tazed Bundy, threw down a 57-year old woman, and attacked another pregnant woman with a K9 unit as seen in the following shocking video. Bundy supporters and militia groups are reportedly beginning to show up in support of his ranch.

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Tinder For Building A Fire

April 10, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


To build a fire, you start with a source – a spark or flame. Ideally you will have at the ready some fine dry tinder to which the spark or flame is applied. Next comes kindling and then your progressively larger pieces of firewood.

Tinder is very important in that it is an important step necessary to successfully build a fire.
The quality of your tinder will determine your results.

Here’s a list of ideas for sources of tinder:

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4 Criteria For A Successful Survival Food Supply

April 9, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Four thoughts for today regarding a successful food storage supply are the following:

Remember that variety is the spice of life, healthy foods maintain peak energy and immunity, the foods you like are the foods you will eat, don’t forget the water, and “having enough”.

Okay, that’s five – but I started with four… lists never seem to end… ;)

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How America Is Losing The Dollar

April 9, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


As the dollar collapses, the affect it will have to the ‘man on the street’ at best will be a substantially lowered standard of living — or at worst it will be a complete economic collapse as the $hit hits the fan while we fall off the cliff into complete and utter social chaos.

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