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Is A Devastating Economic Crisis In Our 2017 Future?

January 10, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

I’ve got to say that the economic numbers, the markets, and the apparent enthusiasm seem quite out of place with economic reality. It is astounding how the controllers of today’s modern economic systems have not only staved off a complete crash during 2008, but have risked the system way worse than then while having also manipulated perception to the extent that NO ONE seems to be concerned about today’s realities all these years later.

It’s as though NO ONE seems to be concerned at all about our gargantuan national debt and unfunded liabilities, the insane global debts, the unimaginable intertwined systemic risk of global derivatives (can you fathom the word, ‘Quadrillion’?), and the burgeoning debt of most Americans and American families who live a lifestyle nearly paycheck to paycheck.

If the majority are so incredibly mind-numbed dumbed-down stupid, then why don’t we just vote ourselves that the government send each of us a check for a million dollars? NO ONE CARES about the debt, so, why not??? Hey, no ramifications right?

And now that Trump has been elected, the exuberance is rocketing to the moon that we shall all be saved from any economic woes to come! We as a people are not grounded in reality, and the masters of our economic systems are taking advantage of it to the fullest extent. What gives???

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Gloves With Thinsulate™ Insulation

January 9, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin


The other day I was reminded of how important it is to wear insulated gloves during the winter, and how Thinsulate™ insulation is something to look for when choosing winter gloves.

Not only from a comfort standpoint, but from a preparedness point of view, insulated winter gloves (e.g. with Thinsulate™) of varying purposes and degrees of insulation is an important ‘must have’ for those who live in winter climates.

Here’s some information about Thinsulate™ insulation…

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-1-7)

January 7, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

source:, Aurora from Murmansk Russia

This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your ‘fiat’ (paper) currency into tangible assets 😉

The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for the benefit of all…

Note: We appreciate that you stay on-topic with your article comments during the week. However for any ‘off topic’ comments, use this most recent Saturday open-forum article,
‘What did you do for your preparedness this week?’

Note: Read the most recent (150) comments (from all articles) on the ‘Discussion’ page.

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Free TV Secret To Cut The Cord

January 6, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

These days, it seems that there is a secret to getting free TV. The multi-billion dollar cable and satellite industries don’t want you to know how easy it is to get TV for free.

The free TV secret has been hidden from view, however I will shine the line upon it…

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Bug-Out And Survival In A Travel Trailer Or RV

January 5, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

Ever thought about a ‘mobile’ bug-out with a travel trailer or RV? Pros? Cons?

For many, purchasing another home or piece of property away from ‘the city’ or dense suburbs to have as a ‘bug-out location’ is unattainable. Given a worst-case-scenario whereby a bug-out to a safer location is or would be a matter of survival, perhaps one option would be to utilize a travel trailer or RV as one’s bug-out vehicle and mobile bug-out location…

Here are some thoughts on that:

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Essential Hand Tools Without Electricity

January 3, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin


Lets talk tools. Nearly everyone who is handy, or able to fix things, already has their own supply of various tools to get the job done. There are tools for every trade, many of them specialized for a particular task while others are general purpose. Many tools require power to operate – be it your typical AC wall outlet or today’s more common ‘cordless’ tools with built-in battery packs. Bear in mind that you might at one point need to get the job done without electricity…

When considering the adequacy of one’s tool kit with regards to general preparedness or even grid-down preparedness, having a good cross-section of capabilities would be preferable.

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What Are Your New Years Preparedness Resolutions?

January 2, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

Okay, it’s the New Year. It’s a time when many people make their New Year’s Resolutions. Not only might you have some personal resolutions in your mind, how about a few ‘preparedness’ related resolutions?

There are plenty of concerns for 2017, so why not do something about it by becoming better prepared for whatever may come your (our) way?

Some of the ‘concerns’ that were input from our reader comments last week includes…

-Economic decline continuing to gain speed
-Worldwide economic collapse
-Inflation, hyperinflation
-Having enough cash, cash flow
-The ongoing media propaganda war to divide citizens
-The increasing divide in this country
-Civil unrest, riots, racial, political
-Civil War
-International conflict, War
-Rogue foreign powers
-Nuclear war
-Decline in education, more people who don’t have a clue
-The people who are NOT prepared
-The intentions of our current government
-Orwellian legislation
-Continued erosion of our rights and freedoms
-Globalism, World government control
-Influx of illegal immigrants
-Large scale power outage
-Natural disasters

With that said, lets talk about our preparedness resolutions for this year (if you wish)…

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