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10 Things To Consider While Starting Out With Preparedness

April 25, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Lets say you’re just getting started with preparedness. It may seem overwhelming as to where to begin and what to focus on, and you may feel that you’re so very far behind (because you’re just starting) that you need to hurry up (mistakes happen when you’re in a hurry).

The following ten considerations may help you with all that:

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2016-04-23)

April 23, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your Fiat Paper into tangible practical assets 😉

The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for the benefit of all…

By the way, the Prepper age demographic poll results are in:

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The Best Weather Alert Radio 2016

April 22, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


In this instance, ‘the best’ refers to the majority opinion of those who have reviewed various weather alert radios with their own varying set of criteria ranging from quality, features, price, and ease of use.

Although I have written about weather radios a number of times over the years, I again will emphasize the good preparedness of having your own at home. When minutes count, it may save your life.

Here is the best weather radio of 2016:

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5 Nanoseconds To Lights Out

April 21, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


The E1 pulse of a high altitude nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) will bring modern civilization to its knees in about 5 nanoseconds. That’s 0.000000005 seconds. To put that in perspective, that’s 60 million times faster than ‘the blink of an eye’. Lights Out.

The effects of an EMP will go far beyond just the the power grid; it will take down (damage and destroy) many of the individual electronic components that we rely on today to maintain not only our lifestyle but our way of life (survival). Even if the power came back on, it won’t do much good when all the computers are fried (and everything else ‘electronic’).

To let that sink in for you, I thought that I would list some of the things that may no longer function at home after ‘the lights go out’…

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Password Mistakes And How To Correct Them

April 20, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Today’s modern technological world of the internet often requires that we keep and deal with countless passwords. It can be daunting and frustrating to manage this aspect of our modern lives and consequentially there are lots of password mistakes that people make while doing so.

You can better your preparedness and security against a hacker discovering your password within the realm of cyberspace by avoiding the following password mistakes, and by using the following techniques to correct them:

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How To Save Extra Prescription Meds For Preparedness

April 19, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


One concern for the preparedness-minded among us is that of their prescription medications, and whether or not there are ways to accumulate extra for ‘just in case’. This is a legitimate concern for many people who rely on medications for their health, and who would like a stash of meds stored away – just like they store extra food…

Here’s how to do it:
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Prepper Poll: Your Age Bracket

April 19, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


We recently had some great comments on the following article,
“You Don’t Need To Prepare For The End Of The World To Be A Prepper”

…and one question that came out of it was the notion of one’s age versus ‘being prepared’.

There are some interesting philosophical thoughts surrounding the notion of a typical preppers age, so I decided to put out an anonymous poll to discover the age demographics for those who consider themselves to be preppers — those who are preparedness-minded.

Given today’s ‘modern’ (and ‘busy’) societal way-of-life along with its associated expectations, obligations, and technological capabilities (and distractions)… many believe that the ‘younger’ among us are less likely to be concerned enough about systemic risks (and such) to be preparedness-mind, especially given their normalcy-bias (because everything has always been relatively ‘okay’ in their lives ‘so far…’).

On the contrary, many believe that as one gets older (and wiser?) that some begin to realize the ‘realities’ (and risks) within ‘the system’ we live in – as the curtains are pulled back and veils are unveiled… “The Matrix Is Real, And When It Goes Down You Are On Your Own”

Poll: If you are preparedness-minded (a ‘prepper’), what’s your age-group?

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