While Modern Survival Blog is filled with thousands of articles, this page is a list of specific articles to help you with Prepping & Preparedness Level-1.

Explore our site for lots more content, however this page should get you started if you’re a new prepper.

Note: Being a prepper, although stigmatized by the mainstream, is simply being preparedness-minded. It’s just common sense to have a bit of “insurance” for just-in-case scenarios of disruption.

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Prepping and Preparedness 1-4

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Prepping and Preparedness 1 -Overview


Prepping & Preparedness Basics: Level-1

Level-1 preparedness is simply having enough supplies to last about 1-week without services. This really is pretty easy to accomplish, but surprisingly most people only have enough for about 3-days of disruption.

I have organized this content into several categories so that you can focus on each one separately while accomplishing your goals.

Water and Food

72 Hour Kit For Your Car

Kids and Pets

First Aid and Medical

Without Electricity


Seasonal Considerations

Safety and Security

Consumable Supplies


Documentation and Planning (coming soon)