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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-05-16)

May 16, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


It’s mid-May and a great time of year to be outside. Not too cold and not too hot yet…

It has been a busy week here with all sorts of tasks, maintenance, and other things. The weather has mostly cooperated and allowed some outdoor activities while at the same time Mother Nature is coming alive with all sorts of sights, sounds, and creatures around here…

Here are a few things related to preparedness that I was able to work on this week.
Let’s hear from you too!

By the way, here’s the final tally regarding our poll for most popular garden vegetables:
Most Popular Garden Vegetables

While this is really related to maintenance in general, my neighbor was kind enough to suggest that I use his tractor to work on my end of the road (we both share the road) while smoothing out the berms and ruts from winter and the spring ‘mud season’ which is now behind us. Tractors are ‘fun’ 😉 One day I’ll get my own tractor…

I went out and purchased a truck load of fence posts and stacked them until ready to use. Next step… dig the post holes.

Mrs.J and I went through our First Aid kits and supplies (while sorting out what we needed for the 5th-wheel camper) looking for expired medicines and what we need for restock.

There was an old somewhat sprawling bush that was in the way of one of our garden areas so we cut it down, used the truck to pull out what I could of the root ball, followed by our neighbor finishing the job with his excavator (that’s a fun toy!).

Mrs.J dusted off the solar oven and made ‘solar bread’. Yum yum good… We’ll be sure to use it more often this year. We bought this solar oven years ago and it’s still going strong. It used to be called the “Global Sun Oven” but now their most recent version is the “All American Sun Oven“.

We began testing the range of our portable GMRS 2-way radios in our wooded vicinity. The range at these frequencies is dependent upon line-of-sight, obstacles, height, terrain, etc… but it’s a good thing to know what to expect in your own locale.

Spent some ‘fun time’ practicing with my pellet rifle (.177) while target shooting with a set of metal plinking targets that I recently purchased. We had some friends staying up here with us last weekend and it sure was fun to ‘compete’ with this thing… Was able to be pretty consistent hitting a tin can at 100′ – not bad for a pellet gun without a scope 😉 I’ve been very pleased with my Diana RWS 34 since I bought it last year.

Let’s hear from you… what have you been up to this week?