What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-05-23)


This week we all learned that the apparent ‘value’ for certain items specifically meant for post-collapse barter (from a list submitted by you the readers), is currently prioritized as follows:

Ammo, Meds (Antibiotics), Food (any), Toilet Paper, Alcohol, Batteries, First Aid supplies, Salt, Water filters, Meds (various over-the-counter), and the rest…

That said, thanks for your input, and what did you do for your preparedness this week?

My own preparedness this week was somewhat curtailed since we’ve been away from home (though recently returned). We’ve been setting up our summer ‘camp’ (actually a trailer) at one of our favorite getaway summer destinations. In that sense, I’ve been ‘preparing’ (stocking it) for at least a period of self-sustainability up to a point… (includes food and alternative energy).

I honed some of my carpentry skills while refurbishing a wooden deck and resetting it ‘level’ on the ground.

I finally ‘pulled the trigger’ on some additional solar panels for the house, and went and picked them up. The next steps will include mounting (yet to be determined exactly what method I’ll use, although I know where), trenching and burying a plastic pipe for wiring back to the house, and all the rest…

With that said, and weather permitting, I hope to make some more outdoor progress next week.

Another thing that I did for preparedness, and something that I do every day (as I’m sure some of you do too) is to spend a bit of time surfing the internet for current event revelations or underlying risks that we’re facing. While realizing that some of it is propaganda, and some of it is conspiracy in varying degrees of exploitation, there are nuggets to be found and trends to discover about what is (or is apparently) happening out there…

What about you? What have you been up to?


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