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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-06-13)

June 13, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


We discovered a few things together this week – that about half of our readers live in ‘the country’ (rural) and the other half live either in the suburbs or the city (urban). Additionally, of those who live in the suburbs or the city, about 80% already know someone (who also knows them) in the country.

This led to an article which posed the notion (for those who live in suburbia) to preemptively discover whether or not it might be feasible to ‘bug out’ to their known contact’s ‘rural’ location (with their permission) in the event of a SHTF situation where you currently live.

This led to interesting discussion regarding ‘bug out’ in general, which indicated that some will firmly stay put in their suburban or urban homes without apparently exploring (preemptively) options to bug-out safely if the SHTF… while others might be open to the idea of ‘getting out of Dodge’ (the key being not haphazardly, but with a pre-thought-out plan and destination).

In any event, thanks for your input and discussion.

So what have you done for your preparedness this week?

This weekly post is also the place to discuss ‘anything’ related to preparedness. Maybe you have questions for others, etc… Maybe you feel compelled to offer up your own opinion, a particular relevant news-event perhaps related to current events and something we should be alert about, etc…