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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-06-27)

June 27, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

Shadow from a towering ‘supercell’ this week while under a tornado watch…

Another week filled with further erosion of the good old USA by your pals in Congress who have quite willingly voted this week to give away their powers to the prez (TPA ‘Fast Track’), who will in turn (no doubt) take full advantage while fulfilling his goal of ‘transforming America’ and eroding America’s sovereignty and traditional values. The devolution of what was once ‘America’ is in high gear as one roadblock after another is shoved in our face by your ‘bought and payed for’ politicians who are no different from each-other regardless of the ‘R’ or the ‘D’ associated with their political party (divide-and-conquer scam). The new world is entirely about transnational money, mega-corps, and banksterism. The hell with you and I. We are being ‘leveled’ into third world status as willing non-resistant pawns who have been blinded by an upbringing of clever mainstream propaganda and leftist progressive schooling – all the while our debt has soared to exponential heights as we all ‘live large’ for today and ‘party down’… The hell with tomorrow… What could possibly go wrong?

With that said, it’s just one more set of reasons to prepare for what is headed our way like a freight train… What have you been doing for preparedness this week?

A few things I did this week:

This week I accomplished a significant amount of work preparing a new 2500 sq.ft. garden area (for next year). I am fortunate to have a great neighbor down the road who has let me use his excavator on this project. And I’ve got to tell you – excavators are a fun toy! I mean, tool… Was able to remove a number of large boulders and otherwise very heavy rocks out of the garden area, and was able to rip up all of the field sod. Then leveled it all with a tractor (along with a pile of additional top soil). I’ve ordered enough black plastic sheeting to cover the area (hopefully next week) which will enable the heat from the sun to kill off weeds and things down to depth over the remainder of the summer.

Bought a bunch of post-hole tubes for concrete – some to be used for the new garden corner posts and gate posts as well as the solar panel project ground mounts.

Picked up ten galvanized steel 10′ uni-struts from Lowes to use for solar project ground mounts.

Your turn… Feel free to vent, to ask questions, and to let us know what you’ve been up to this week in the preparedness category.