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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-07-04)

July 4, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

(My flag)

Today is Independence Day, July 4th. I wish you a great day while reflecting on our freedoms and independence, and the ways in which you can keep them from slipping away. Hint: First step: Don’t be mute. Talk about the issues with others when appropriate.

That said, lets reflect upon this past week (and perhaps concerns or plans for the coming week). While the country of Greece appears to be going down in financial flames, many of us wonder whether or not it will set off a chain reaction of contagion or some sort of derivatives collapse. Most all developed nations are broke and in debt beyond their ability to pay. If ‘they’ (the International Monetary Fund IMF, and the European Central Bank ECB, -the lenders) must face the reality as Greece essentially defaults, it will be the first time that this hard but very real truth is exposed in a very public way (non-payment). What will happen next? We shall see. Will they be bailed out yet again by some other entity? We shall see. It is a rickety and dangerous situation not only for them (Drudge headline this morning: GREEK BANKS PREPARE TO RAID DEPOSITS), but it might prove to be very dangerous for the rest of us (a developing financial collapse). This is one reason that I prepare.

On that note, what have you done for your preparedness this week?

Anything goes during this weekly post. So speak your mind…

This week I have spent several days (many more to go) clearing more trees and processing them (felling, cutting off their branches /limbs and harvesting the main trunk in a growing log pile). The chainsaw is getting quite a work out (as well as my back!). Tree work is heavy!

I also spent a day this week helping a neighbor who is a part-time logger, as we processed 4 cords of wood (with purpose-made machinery!). I enjoy learning new things such as this – particularly those which provide core practical and useful knowledge in the sphere of homesteading and/or all things ‘self-reliance’.

I’m also still noodling through plans with my solar project and the ‘ground mount’ location. I’ve had to consider a Plan-B for panel placement after I realized and checked the worst-case Winter sun arc across the sky and its very low elevation – which revealed that I might have a problem with the house itself casting a shadow for too much of the day during the dead of Winter. Now planning an alternate location (part of the reason why I’m clearing more trees).

Okay, your turn…