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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-08-29)

August 29, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

(my solar panels)

In the opinion of many, this week’s roller-coaster ride in the stock market is just a prelude to what is coming in the next 4 to 8 weeks, and these people are stepping up their preparedness. They realize the extreme dangers that will surround a market meltdown and credit lockup whereby the lifeblood (credit) of today’s modern world will slow or stop – crippling the infrastructure of supply and distribution of all sorts of goods and services.

Many believe that the resulting follow-on effects will include a Great Reset – currency devaluations (already beginning elsewhere). Many also believe (and see the writing on the wall) of an upcoming major war – quite likely devolving into World War which could turn into an East/West showdown.

The signs of the troubled times ahead are there. And for those who see them, they’re doubling-down on their preparedness going into this Fall season.

With that said, what have you been doing for your preparedness this week?


We finally completed a fairly accurate inventory of total calories of our food storage. Thanks to the patience of Mrs.J while exercising an Excel spreadsheet, we now have a reasonably good idea of where we stand in general. It also enables us to realize if we are lacking in certain diversified areas.

We also added more bulk wheat to our storage and are coming up with a list of additional items to help broaden our diversification of foods and nutrition.

Today I will be finishing my outdoor work on my solar panel project. I’ve dug all the trenches, placed all the pipe, run all the wire, installed all the combiner boxes, and today I will be finishing the electrical terminations outside and filling back in the trenches. It all took longer than I expected! Next steps will be indoors…

I now have all of my survival-preparedness related books in one place (novels and reference) and I realize that I may want to acquire more hard copies of additional reference books in some particular topic areas.

For casual reading I ordered and received the 2nd book (from a series of six) by ‘A.American’ of which I enjoyed the first book and figured the rest ought to be good too. It’s about life after an EMP grid-down event.

Going Home (Book 1)
Surviving Home (Book 2)
Escaping Home (Book 3)
Forsaking Home (Book 4)
Resurrecting Home (Book 5)
Enforcing Home (Book 6)

Your turn…