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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-10-10)

October 10, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


This weekly post is open-forum, for when during the week you have something to say that doesn’t necessarily fit with the subject matter of a particular article (which we like to keep on-topic). It has been a great success to hear all of your input, comments, and what you’ve recently done for preparedness – which provides excellent insight for other readers to gain ideas and knowledge. Keep it coming…

This week I (with the help of Mrs.J and a good neighbor who happens to be into logging – and with the ‘right tools’) processed more wood from the property. One thing’s for certain…there sure are a lot of trees in the woods 😉 It’s amazing actually as to how dense a-lot of the forest is in places around here. The bears love it.

I converted ten light bulbs in the house to LED (8 watts each) (plus two dimmers) in my ongoing efforts to streamline our energy consumption to better facilitate our solar power system. I’m continuing to measure other loads in the house using this method.

I managed to get the deck stained (sealed) before the snow sets in this winter (maintenance is a necessary part of preparedness!). There will not be too many days left when temperatures get above 50-degrees for painting/staining/etc… I have some touch-up to do on the tractor too.

Sharpened the blades on the ‘brush hog’, cleaned and spray-painted some of the rust spots, and parked it for the winter.

Put in a new section of gravel driveway from a 25-ton load of 3/4″. I actually did this last week…

Picked up a new DPMS 5.56/.223 which I will now accessorize (to-be-determined).

Your turn…