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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-11-07)

November 7, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

baleage for winter

This weekly post is an open forum (any topic) enabling you to voice your opinions, concerns, questions, and to also let others know what you have done this week for your preparedness. The more who comment, the more ideas that are spread around for the benefit of all…

If you’re a ‘lurker’, (and I know there are a-lot of you) lets hear from you too…


While I’m sure you’ve heard the mainstream drumbeat that the economy is doing fantastic due to the recent ‘jobs report’ numbers (many of which are part-time and holiday seasonal jobs IMO), just have a look at the following facts – which you will NOT hear reported in the mainstream media:


The ‘Baltic Dry Index’ (an assessment of moving major raw materials by sea) has plummeted as the world economies are evidently deflationary while having reached ‘peak debt’. The index itself is now apparently at its lowest level ever for this time of year, and very near all-time lows.

The ‘China Containerized Freight Index’ is now apparently the lowest on record.

According to Reuters, “freight carried by major U.S. railroads fell by 7 percent in the second quarter of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014, confirming that large parts of the industrial economy are in recession.”

Union Pacific, the largest publicly owned railroad, acknowledged freight had shrink in five of six categories during the quarter and carried lower volumes of farm products, chemicals, containers, industrial products and coal. Other publicly owned railroads all reported falling volumes during the third quarter compared with 2014.

There’s something called the ‘US Load-to-Truck Ratio’ which is now apparently the lowest it has been in years… Trucking is a thermometer for the merchandise economy, and tracks exports and imports, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and other sectors. It tracks a big part of the real economy.

Third-Quarter Real Merchandise Trade Deficit Was Worst Since 2007.

Third-Quarter Real Construction Spending Growth Slowed Sharply

And then there’s

In the past several days, a number of announcements have been made by both the United States and Russia suggesting that we are now witnessing more than a mere placement of chess pieces on the board but the forward motion to some greater confrontation between two nuclear superpowers.

It has been reported that US Special Forces are right in the middle of some of the heaviest fighting between Syrian government/Russian military and ‘Western-backed’ terrorists.

On November 4, Reuters reported that Russian military personnel stationed in Syria now numbers around 4,000.

Signs that the U.S. and Russia may soon be fighting one another over the skies of Syria recently appeared with the announcement that the United States will be deploying around a dozen fighter jets designed specifically for air-to-air combat – essentially dogfights – to Syria. Since ISIS has no air force, one can only assume that the jets are there to combat other fighter jets belonging to Assad and Russia.

-Brandon Turbeville

And there was the Russian airliner tragedy this week, of which it is being reported that an ‘ISIS’ bomb brought down the Russian passenger jet.

And now this… just yesterday a powerful Russian media executive and very close associate and political aide to President Vladimir Putin for several years, as well as the founder of RT.com (‘Russia Today’ – an international media powerhouse) was found dead (assassinated?) at the Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington, D.C.

I have a bad feeling about all of this…

There are plenty of reasons to become better prepared, including the faltering ‘real’ economy, the teetering of the current financial system itself, the rapidly waning dollar hegemony, and the apparent will for a big-time war…

With that said (sorry for the doom-and-gloom), what did you do for your preparedness this week? Or whatever else you want to talk about…