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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-11-14)

November 14, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

Looking out the back window this morning

This weekly post is open forum (any topic) enabling you to voice your opinions, concerns, questions, and to also let others know what you have done this week for your preparedness. The more who comment, the more ideas that are spread around for the benefit of all…

If you’re a ‘lurker’, (and I know there are a-lot of you) lets hear from you too…


There are so, so many reasons to be prepared… Several articles this week focused on a ‘Lights Out’ scenario whereby the electrical power grid goes down from cyberattack (inspired by Ted Koppel’s recent book), and we had a great number of comments from you all with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for contributing your input.

Today, sadly, we wake up to the tragedy in Paris where radical fundamentalist Islamist’s have murdered 120+ people in multiple coordinated acts of violent terrorism. They said they’re just beginning… It is surely (it should be) a wake-up call for the sleeping masses who are living in their cushy bubbles of perceived security.

Our normalcy biases can be turned upside-down in the ‘blink of an eye’, and it is wise to prepare for unforeseen (or foreseen) disaster in our uncertain world of enemies, systemic risks, and dependencies…

With that said, what have you been up to this week?

This week, apart from my normal work and ‘chores’, I bought some more ammo, I replaced the old (problematic) gas stove and range-hood with new, figured out how to quiet down my ‘rattling’ Mossberg 500 (and attached a single-point sling), I fired a magazine of 5.56 through my AR15 at 100 yard target (what fun 😉 ), trying to work on why I’m ‘pulling to the left’ when I fire my old S&W 9mm semiauto, I swapped out the rest of my summer clothes for winter clothes (now that there’s snow on the ground this morning…), I cut down three spruce trees that were apparently beginning to get in the way of my satellite dish reception during windy days, I sat outside a few evenings with a rifle while dealing with a coyote problem that I’m having recently (they must’ve known I was there because the pack would not show up while I was out), and that’s about it…

Your turn: