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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2016-02-06)

February 6, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


This weekly post is open forum (any topic) enabling you to voice your opinions, concerns, questions, and to also let others know what you have done this week for your preparedness.
The more who comment, the more ideas that are spread around for the benefit of all…

I just wanted to mention something… Despite that you may sometimes read days of successive article posts of apparent doom-and-gloom on this site, it is not a full-time every-day focus. They are put out there as a combination of motivators, ‘wake-up calls’, and ‘vents & rants’ to shine light where it is often dark… because in order to see what’s happening in the dark – that’s what you have to do…shine a light.

Most people spend no time there and refuse to acknowledge that there is such a place – and therefore go about their lives in a state of semi-delusion while never seeing the risks we face. With that said, as we walk through the shadows, and as we strain to see what’s really there, don’t spend too much time there. It’s not healthy. Get in, and get out… 😉


Be positive. Get prepared. Be prepared. And live your life full and well.

So, what have you been up to this week?

Open forum…

By the way, this regular weekly post has presented tons of insightful thoughts and ideas of many preparedness topics for all to see and read. Thanks for your ongoing contributions!