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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-1-21)

January 21, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your ‘fiat’ (paper) currency into tangible assets 😉

The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for the benefit of all…

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Thankfully yesterday’s inauguration went smoothly and today is a new day. So it’s back to prepping, preparedness, and striving towards self sufficiency. There is no excuse to stop.

I am getting a bit more excited for Spring now that the days are noticeably getting a little longer and the sun feels a little warmer on the skin… Still have to get through February (typically the worst winter month) but we’re getting there…

Did some more hiking outdoors this week in the snow covered woods. Saw a big old white snowshoe-hare rabbit and watched it for awhile. Started down another path and came across a porcupine about 10-feet up a tree just sitting there. Watched it for awhile. It was not afraid (I suppose with all those quill daggers it feels pretty well protected)!

We had an extra large pack of coyotes wake us up at 2:30 in the morning as they roamed all around the house hooting and hollering. Got to keep an eye on that situation…

Still feeding half dozen deer who come each morning and evening. They are looking healthy.

Checked my potatoes which were harvested nearly 4 months ago, and they’re still okay! Starting to get a little softish, but I am very pleased with the longevity of this storage method (in cardboard boxes, layers separated by newspaper, potatoes not touching each other, boxes on concrete floor to keep cool).

Bought some new ice cleats for our boots. They are awesome, the best we’ve ever had. I highly recommend them for those who live up north! They are made in Maine.

STABILicers Maxx Original Heavy Duty Stabilicers Ice Traction Cleats

Applied a new coat of SNO SEAL to my LL Bean winter boots. Love that stuff.

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What have you been up to this week?