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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-4-29)

April 29, 2017, by Ken Jorgustin

What’s wrong with this picture? 😉

Saw this during our road-trip – a tanker truck filled with coffee?! And a flammable sign posted on the back?! That’s some potent blend! Actually it was just an advertisement, pretty funny though at first glance.

This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your ‘fiat’ (paper) currency into tangible assets 😉

The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for the benefit of all…

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‘What did you do for your preparedness this week?’

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Now that “mud season” is over, some of my focus this week has been on repairing the dirt road to the house. Digging out and smoothing over ruts and moguls with the tractor. Hopefully finishing it today.

So what have you been up to this week?