Prepping and Preparedness 1 – 4

For the newcomer to prepping and preparedness it may seem or feel daunting, overwhelming, and even intimidating to venture down the road less traveled.

This may also be true for those who are already into the realm of prepping which can take on many forms, methods, and a wide variety of goals and end-results.

It may seem like there really is no clear road map out there, and not knowing exactly what to do first, second, and so on, could lead to inefficient preparedness practices or even costly mistakes that you may regret.

Well I’m going to spell out my own version of a road map to prepping and preparedness in an ongoing series of article topics which will come under one of four major categories or “levels” of prepping and preparedness.


Prepping And Preparedness 1

Being prepared for 1 Week

This is the most basic level of preparedness and the easiest to achieve. In fact it’s so easy that it will not cost very much money, it will require no special skills beyond “the basics” and common sense, and will cover you for the majority of the “most likely to occur” emergencies or disruptive situations in day-to-day life.

What are the events that are most likely to occur where a week’s worth of preparedness supplies will be all that you need?

Depending on where you live and your own regional risks, most of them have to do with natural weather occurrences causing minor disruption. Things like temporary power outages from severe weather during summer storms or winter snow & ice. Maybe you get sick and are recovering at home for days unable to go out. Things like that…

Sadly, despite the easy to attain requirements, the majority of Americans are not even up to level-1 of prepping and preparedness. A large percentage of modern society live a lifestyle of “here and now” consumption. Not many “save” or squirrel away supplies for a rainy day, so to speak…

Most people have a strong normalcy bias that goods and services will always be readily available and that societal safety nets will always be there if needed. Therefore the thought of prepping and preparedness does not enter into consciousness.

For the beginner prepper, I will be recommending simple guidelines in future articles within “Prepping and Preparedness 1” where I will cover topics that will enable a level of preparedness that will set you apart form the unaware and unprepared.


Prepping And Preparedness 2

Being prepared for 1 Month

There are disasters that come along once in awhile that are very disruptive and can affect someone (or a region) in very difficult ways. While these events may be less likely to occur, the fact is that they can happen and do happen.

I compare this to Hurricane Katrina events or Hurricane Sandy events where the infrastructure of regions were badly damaged for a period of weeks. People had no electricity. Stores were damaged and closed. People were essentially trapped in their homes without a working infrastructure.

A major regional earthquake would likely fit into this category (or worse). I wonder how many who live along major earthquake fault zones are adequately prepared. Probably not too many…

There are a number of additional and important concerns when considering preparedness for several weeks or a month and I will be discussing them within article topics related to “Prepping and Preparedness 2”.


Prepping And Preparedness 3

Being prepared for up to 1 Year

The period of time ranging from 1 month to 1 year is a very wide range. I chose this wide range as “one level” because when you are preparing for disruption (collapse) beyond 1 month and into 3 months or more, you are essentially in the same mindset and same “mode” of prepping.

Reaching a level of preparedness to survive many months, a year, implies the notion of a very, VERY serious disaster. Although a disastrous event of this magnitude may seem much less likely to occur, is it really?.

-A major financial collapse
-A major power grid failure (e.g. CME, EMP, Cyber)
-A major WAR

I believe that many or most current preppers are somewhere within this category, level-3. When preparing for contingencies during a period of societal collapse, there are many more quite serious topics of concern than level-2. I will be writing about them in future articles related to “Prepping and Preparedness 3”.


Prepping And Preparedness 4

Time period: Self-sustaining (or as close as one can get)

Self-sustaining (definition) : maintaining or able to maintain oneself or itself by independent effort | a self–sustaining community

Level-4 is the ultimate in preparedness. To transition from being supplied and secured for 1 year to actually being relatively (and truly) self-sustaining is huge, and VERY difficult.

To prepare at this level implies a colossal disaster. It may also simply imply the desire to live a self-sufficient lifestyle and the satisfaction that goes along with being independent from external systems that everyone else relies upon to literally keep them alive.

When you think about it, many of our ancestors were all level-4 preppers by default. It was just the way it was if you wanted to survive. Today, most everyone in current modern society would surely perish without our current infrastructure and wouldn’t have a clue what to do if that infrastructure went away…

Articles within “Prepping and Preparedness 4” will get into the topics of “getting off the grid” and the major issues surrounding what it actually takes to make it on your own (or as close as one can get).


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