15 Reasons Why You Need Food Storage

February 18, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

15 Reasons Why You Need Food Storage

Do You Need Food Storage? Listed below are a few things that can and have happened around the world.

1: Severe weather events: A major flood, tornado outbreak, or hurricane will leave people isolated until rescue or repair efforts are successful. This can take days, weeks or longer. Power and utilities are often damaged while roadways and distribution hinders emergency response and supply of food and goods.

2: Earthquakes: Building and infrastructure damage can be severe and widespread, bringing an entire region into shutdown.

3: Drought: Whether you rely on your own grown food, or the grocery store, a severe drought will dry up supplies of food and raise prices. Having a storage of food will help offset this.

4: Bug-out Have a supply of food storage for rapid evacuation

5: Extreme Heat and Cold: This often leads to power grid overload and failures. Power generating plants and the overall power grid are aging and straining from modern day demands.

6: Pandemic: People are afraid to go outside or contact with others while fearing for their life. Food distribution grinds to a halt.

7: Currency devaluation: Prices skyrocket instantly, on all products and services. Read something about Germany’s inflation after WW1, or look at Argentina or Venezuela lately. All Fiat currencies have eventually ended at zero.

8: Financial Meltdown: An economic collapse could lead to a worthless currency. Food will be a sort of currency under those circumstances to have or barter.

9: Banks Closed: No cash and no credit. Everything closes. This could occur under a ‘bank holiday’ which could result in a new currency and/or mass devaluation.

10: State and Federal Governments go Bankrupt: This is happening now. Millions more could be added to unemployment rolls leaving people with no money to pay for food and essentials. No one will lend us money and we will have to print more dollars further weakening our already weak dollar.

11: Unemployment Skyrocketing: No work, no money and no hope. Looting on grand scale. Gangs of hungry people roaming the streets of every city, town and village in search of something to eat.

12: Terrorist Attack: Nuclear or Conventional, recovery months or years, if at all.

13: Collapse of Federal Government: Dictatorship installed to save country, everything is rationed. Many will say that this cannot happen in the US, but it has happened all over the world.

14: Electro-Magnetic Pulse: Either man-made EMP bomb or a natural event (massive solar flare). Destroys Electric Grid, satellites, anything electronic. We are sent back to the stone age.

15: World War: Prices skyrocket. The price of oil puts price pressure on everything. The resulting uncertainty causes everyone to hold on to what they have while trade and commerce dwindles. Economic collapse.


What additional events or circumstances could you add to this list?