Bulk Long Term Food Storage Payment Plans

If you are concerned about the future to the extent that becoming preparedness-oriented is front on your mind, the first steps that people often take are to secure a long term food storage – a deep pantry.

There are a number of ways to go about doing that, and I suggest that you diversify your actions as best you can. This might include ordinary grocery store shopping over and above your normal routine while you simply build a deeper and deeper food pantry with items that are shelf-life stable for several years.

You could go even further while purchasing bulk staples such as rice, wheat, beans, and other such dry goods and then package them yourself for long term storage. This involves Mylar foil bags, oxygen absorbers, a means to seal the Mylar, and buckets to store them in.

Home-canning your own foods is yet another diversification into food storage, although it involves some unique processing equipment, skills (it’s not as hard as you may think), and ‘time’.

Many of us do all of the above, and more, including the diversification into dehydrated and freeze dried foods that are professionally processed and packaged for very long term storage (10+ years).

There are a number of reputable companies that supply consumers with such products including one that I wanted to call attention to which is currently selling quality foods processed for very long term storage from several well-known quality manufacturers. They are unique in that they also offer pay-as-you-go plans for those who want to quickly acquire a bulk quantity food storage…

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ShopFoodStorage.com (payment plans)

A Message from the family owned and operated business, located in Nevada:

Having spent some time working directly with customers in a food storage retail store, I learned first hand the desire people have – to get a long term bulk food kit. However many face the reality of not being able to drop thousands of dollars upfront for a large bulk kit.

A lot of people would do their best to simply buy a set amount of food each month, but often they would forget or life would get in the way. That’s why I’ve created the Food Storage Payment Plans.

I’ve partnered with some top food storage suppliers to provide people the option to choose a bulk food storage kit, and make monthly, every 2 months, or quarterly payments on said kit.

The difference between this and a layaway plan is we actually send you a food bucket after each payment. You build the kit as you pay. Once the kit is complete, payments stop.

Not only that but for your first month, we throw in a free 7 gallon water container to help people get started with their water storage as well (which is often overlooked unfortunately).

Overall our food plans allow people to automate their food storage and allows them to build a solid food supply over time and on a budget.

Ken adds: Lets face it, many people are busy. Some, very busy. Not everyone has the time to do it all themselves. Simply purchasing a quality bulk food storage is a quick and easy method to gain some ‘food security’ for your family. When I started out many years ago, I too made an initial large bulk purchase of a long-term food supply (kit) of professionally processed dehydrated and freeze-dried food. A truck came and delivered it, and I then went on with the rest of my plans. It gave me an immediate peace-of-mind. In fact, these many years later we are still occasionally eating from that initial purchase (food rotation is advised when you develop a deep pantry).

ShopFoodStorage.com (payment plans)


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