Categories Of Preparedness Supplies


The following list of survival preparedness supply categories is a quick brain-storm of groupings. The idea is to encompass some of the higher level tiers of the supplies we might focus on for general preparedness.

One effective method for ‘shoring up’ your preparedness supplies is to think about each of the categories first, and then drill down from there.

It’s often best to start out by thinking broadly – and then narrowing down to specifics. It’s also a good way to review and compare what you currently have with what you might have overlooked.

Looking for your input too, regarding ‘high level’ categories…

Some preparedness categories will include lots of subsets while others are a bit more narrow and specific. The following is a quick brainstorm in no particular order:

Water Storage
Water Purifiers
Food Storage – Practical
Food ‘Treats’ – Attitude enhancers (e.g. sweets, etc..)
Cook Stoves
Garden Tools and Supplies
First Aid, Medical Supplies
Hand Tools
Hardware Supplies – General Purpose
Knives – Fixed, Folding, Machetes
Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charger – Solar Charger
Fuel Storage and Fuel Treatment
Portable Radios – AM/FM, Shortwave, Ham Radio, Scanners, CB, Weather
2-Way Radios – Transceivers – Portable, Base, Antennas
Fishing Gear
Hunting Gear
Trapping Gear
Optics – Binoculars, Scopes, NVD’s
Sleeping Bags
Tarps, Cover
Solar – Panels, Charger-Controller, Inverter, Battery Bank
Alternative Energy
Books – Informational, and Novels for enjoyment
Fire Starters, Combustion
Bug Out Bags, Kits, 72-hour kits
Paracord, Cordage
Boots, Footwear – Heavy Duty
Gloves – Work, Cold Weather, Heavy Duty
Outerwear, All Seasons Considered
Pants – Heavy Duty
Shirts – Heavy Duty
Glasses – Prescription, Protective, Sun
Firearms and Accessories
Tactical Gear and Clothing
Maps, Navigation, Compasses
Monetary – Cash, Silver, Gold
Transportation Mediums, Vehicles, Bikes, Carts
Pandemic and WMD Protection
Happiness – the things you enjoy (does not have to be practical 😉 )
Barter – Items which may be particularly valuable (e.g. alcohol, etc..)
Entertainment – Games, etc..

Skills and know-how for all of the above

Any additional ‘high level’ preparedness categories?


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