Don’t laugh! Toilet paper is an essential preparedness item, yes? While so many of us who are preparedness-conscious will procure all sorts of extra food for our food storage, how many have figured out how much toilet paper they might go through in a week – and then store ahead say, 3 months or one year? Have you stored TP?

UPDATE: The exciting poll results are in! Now we finally know the answer to how many rolls of toilet paper that people use each week, and here are the results:

Okay, maybe it’s not terribly exciting 😉

Most people use between one and two rolls of TP each week.

So if you wanted to store ahead a one-year supply at 2 rolls per week (for preparedness), you’re looking at about 100 rolls (about 8 12-packs or 4 cases of 24) per person.

When toilet paper goes on sale, this is when I might purchase a quantity to add to my stack. Would not want to run out of this during a post-collapse world!

Poll results:



Based on your toilet paper usage per week, the following table will indicate how many rolls you will need to store ahead for three months or one year.

Rolls of Toilet Paper

1 Week
3 Months
1 Year
1 12 52
2 24 104
3 36 156
4 48 208
5 60 260
6 72 312
7 84 364
8 96 416
9 108 468
10 120 520

Remember, you will have to multiply your results for each member of the household!

By the way, how do you like my TP holder shown in the top image 😉