How To Keep Your Cell Phone Charged During A Power Outage

(possibly the best cell phone charger for when the power goes out)

When there’s a regional power outage and the power goes out, your cell phone will keep on working – at least until the battery drains. Then what? During the time of hurricane Sandy, I recall reading articles describing how people were desperately looking for ways to charge up their cell phones for communications with loved ones (the cell towers were still operating due to their independent backup power systems – which is always a top priority during an outage).

Well here’s an effective way to keep your cell phones charged when the grid does down…

For your emergency preparedness interests, I will point out two products. One is a power storage device which is capable of multiple uses to recharge your cell phone, and the other is a solar charger – which obviously requires sunlight to do its job.


Portable Cell Phone Battery ‘Power Bank’ Charger

I have owned this charger / ‘battery bank’ for a year now, and have been impressed with its functionality and ability to recharge my devices many times over.

The brand ‘Anker’ is apparently number one in this category – and when I’m buying a product I generally look for the best (you get what you pay for) if I want it to last or to perform well over time.

How It Works

It’s simple – you first ‘charge up’ the external battery ‘power bank’ by either plugging its USB connection into any PC, laptop, etc., or by using the Anker 20W 2-Port USB Wall Charger (which is how I do it).

Once it’s charged, the device will subsequently charge any cell phone via its USB ports and so called ‘PowerIQ’ technology. This technology recognizes what type of device is connected to it, and charges it at the appropriate specifications automatically.

As an example of its 16,000 mAh capacity, it will charge the iPhone 6 six times, the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 four times or the iPad Air more than once.

If you travel, this will be a handy means to charge your devices. As an example, one reason that I bought mine is to use during the trips when I off-road at various fishing destinations where cell reception may be weak (which thus causes the cell phone battery to drain quicker as it uses more power to lock in a signal). If I ever get in trouble, I know that I’ll have power for any cell phone emergency… If you’re ever at an off-grid camp (for example), you will have the ability to re-charge.

For more information, read here:
Anker® Portable Charger – External Battery Power Bank


Solar Charger For Cell Phones

For a more permanent or long-lasting solution to charge your cell phone without grid-power, the following solar charger will do the trick.

Similar to the previous Anker product, their solar charger uses USB ports to charge your cell phone or other devices.

How It Works

Its 14 watt capability (while in the sun of course!) also uses ‘PowerIQ’ technology to automatically detect your device and charge it up according to corresponding specs.

A nice feature is that the panels fold down into a paper sized package and weighs just under 2 pounds – making it do-able for off-grid trips, etc..

For more information, read here:
Anker® 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger

Well that’s it – I thought I would point out these solutions to charge electronic devices like cell phones during a lasting power outage. Now if it turns into a SHTF long-term grid-down, well that’s another thing altogether where cell phones will become the least of your worries 😉


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