550 Paracord has made its name in the commercial industry through its use by the military as an important ‘tool’. It was first introduced and applied in parachute construction during World War II and was quickly recognized for its use in other tasks. Today it is used by both military and civilians for countless general purpose tasks…

Do you have paracord in your preps?

Paracord is lightweight, while it is STRONG (able to hold up to 550 pounds).

There are as many uses for paracord as you can possibly imagine.

Some of the useful properties include its strength, durability, lightweight, water and mildew resistance, and the multipurpose uses of its inner strands.

Paracord could is not only useful during ‘ordinary’ times, but it could become VERY important to have on-hand in almost any survival situation, especially after TSHTF.

Keep some in your emergency survival kits too.

Uses include tie-downs, pack straps, shoe laces, lanyards, clothes line, tent support, inner strands for sewing-fishing-trapping-snares-emergency stitches, and lots lots more…

I always have at least a 1,000-foot roll that I’m working off of around the house.

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What are some of your uses for paracord?


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