Survival Clothing After TSHTF

August 8, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


A perhaps overlooked category for survival preparedness is that of clothing for after the SHTF or societal collapse when there will likely be a shortage or lack of supplies – possibly for a very long time.

Having the right clothing IS a big deal and WILL be a big deal while working a harder and more active physical life after a major collapse.

Not only will it be important to have the right seasonal clothes, but more importantly having HEAVY DUTY clothes – and plenty of them…

After a disaster or major collapse, you will be spending much more time doing other things. Your previous career will be forcibly changed to a new one – survival. You will be enduring and living a harsher life – and the clothes you’re wearing need to be up to the task.

You may be on your own or you may be part of a group (your family, your neighborhood?) taking up the tasks necessary to survive without the help of a failed system that you once relied heavily upon.

How will your clothes hold up to outdoor tasks (which will be a much bigger part of your life) like working a garden, harvesting, hunting, security patrol, building and repairing things, getting water, firewood, out in the rain and other elements, fishing, searching for supplies, etc. – use your imagination to see your life during a post-collapse and the things you will be doing.

The fashionable clothes that you’ve been wearing to work will not hold up to the rigors of a SHTF world. You will need heavy duty everything. Pants, shirts, shoes, coats, etc.

While procuring these clothes, buy the best quality heavy-duty clothes that you can afford. You get what you pay for. You want something that will hold up to the demands and something that will last. Unfortunately so many clothes today are thin, cheap, and won’t last under use.

When choosing your clothes, I would suggest selecting plain neutral colors. Nothing bright. It will be important to blend in with your environment for the sake of security in a world that will likely be very dangerous.

If we ever enter a world of post-apocalyptic disaster, after a time most people will be wearing ragged and deteriorating clothes that are not meant for a life of hard work. Having a surplus of quality, heavy-duty clothing will not only ensure your own protection, but will be a very good barter item.

Note: While living a life during post-collapse, we will not be eating as much (or any) processed and high fat foods. This, coupled with a more physical lifestyle of burning more calories, will result in most people losing weight. So don’t forget some good belts for when your waistline shrinks…

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