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May 24, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

‘Sampson’ needs to quit sleeping the day away and get to prepping 😉

Every so often I post this promotional for the direct-advertisers here on Modern Survival Blog who appear in the right-hand sidebar. The reality is that they help make this blog possible. So, if you’re ever in the market for supplies, please check them out first. Thanks.

Note: Tom over at CampingSurvival.com is having a sale on Mountain House this week only.

Note: Rob over at ReadyMadeResources.com has the best night-vision gear in the prep world.

Here’s more about our vendor/sponsors:

The following vendors who advertise on Modern Survival Blog offer an array of preparedness products that might interest you.

As you will also notice, there are a number of precious metals suppliers here – which is a reflection as to how much interest there is in this regard (converting paper fiat to ‘money’ for wealth preservation). Check them out if you’re already up to par with your other preps 😉


We simply ask that you…

1. Visit the sponsors listed below. You might get some good prep ideas.

2. If you happen to find something which will help you achieve your preparedness goals, and you can afford it, consider adding to your preps.

When ordering, mention that you found them on Modern Survival Blog.



Camping Survival


I love the outdoors, am a former Marine, and enjoy hunting, camping, playing outdoors with our kids and practicing urban survival while enhancing my wilderness survival skills.



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Since 1972, Augason Farms has maintained the family-owned, high-quality, long lasting products food storage buyers have come to know and expect.



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At Ready Made Resources we believe in (and utilize) the products we sell!





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