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Tell Us An Example How Being A Prepper Has Already Helped You

August 13, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

painting: Albert Bierstadt

$hit happens. When it hits the fan, you are either prepared (partially or fully) or you’re not. For those who are preparedness-minded (you might call yourself a prepper), there are all sorts of preparedness levels of readiness and for all sorts of reasons and circumstances. Some are at level-1 while others are working on their masters degree.

Regardless of where you are in your state of readiness, lets hear examples of how your preparedness has already helped you or how it has adjusted your life for the better – even though we have not reached ‘the end of the world’ (yet)…

For example, a recent article regarding the Animas river disaster, a reader on Modern Survival Blog (NRP) was directly impacted since he lives in the immediate area. Apparently though he has a water storage enough to last him 6 months and therefore has been able to insulate himself from direct immediate effects. He had not prepared for that specific incident, but his preparedness actions have already provided a ‘security blanket’ of sorts.

Unfortunately the public at large mostly looks upon those who are preparedness-minded (preppers) as people who are preparing for ‘the end of the world’. They unfortunately have been influenced by TV shows which have portrayed ‘preparedness’ as fringe behavior (‘they’ want to keep us in our little pods within ‘The Matrix’ in order to feed the beast rather than becoming more of a self-reliant individual…)

With that said, preparedness just makes common sense. So what are some of your examples of how your own preparedness has already helped you?