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Test Your Emergency Preparedness Food Products

February 5, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


As a self-imposed rule, it is my opinion that all of your emergency food products should be tested by you and the people who will be eating them. Make it fun. Test it out. If no one likes it get rid of it. Throw it out and replace it with something good.

As most preparedness-minded people do – we build up a food storage for an emergency situation or disaster, or worse…

The thing is, sometimes the food that we purchase is not necessarily the same foods that we eat from day to day on a regular basis. They might be specialized in one way or another – such as #10 cans of freeze-dried foods or dehydrated foods of one variety or another. You may have purchased many pounds of wheat, beans, and rice, but have you actually prepared and eaten any of these foods?

You might be surprised at what you find.

For example it has happened to me before that upon opening a food, I discovered that it wasn’t ‘optimum’ and in fact may have been bad. It didn’t look good at all so I threw it out… In this instance I realized that long term storage of food in ‘cans’ constructed of that hard dense ‘cardboard’ will (over time – years) absorb humidity and moisture and oxygen (all bad for food storage).

What if you discover that you don’t like a given food, be it the flavor, the process of preparation, or you might even find that your body doesn’t ‘agree’ with certain foods…

If you have buckets of wheat, do you know how to process it into flour and then make your own breads (for example)?

Can you do any of this without electricity and with the tools that you have on hand?

You may have heard it before, but you should try your best to rotate your food storage and actually process and eat it. You may discover that there are certain foods that you just don’t like all that much. So just be done with it and don’t buy anymore of that! Try new things.

Food storage food should be those that work for you. It will be a bit different for everyone.

The point is to NOT just buy random emergency food and store them until doomsday. If and when doomsday actually comes, you don’t want to discover that you’re allergic to this or that, or that junior won’t eat it, etc.. Instead, find out those things NOW 😉