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Which Medications Will Be Best For Barter After The Collapse?

August 30, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Lets say that we’ve entered a time of societal collapse and the value of our currency has essentially become non-existent – a time when few (if any) people will trade for ‘dollars’ and those who had lots of ‘money’ and thought they would simply be able to buy their way out of problem…are now SOL.

The situation now is such that whatever you have is all you have, and if you want or need anything else, you’re going to have to barter and trade for it without a ‘currency’ as a medium of exchange.

I’ve written similar articles on bartering in general (material goods and services) which have indicated that barter value items include things like ammo, meds, food (any), toilet paper, alcohol, batteries, water filters, and more… however this time lets stick with meds – medications.

Which specific medications may be valuable or particularly useful for barter and trade?

Be specific if you can….

I will start it off with a suggestion: Ibuprofen. It happens to be my ‘go to’ pain relief for when I need it. During a time of SHTF / societal collapse, people will be working hard and there will be more than enough muscle/body aches going around!
Ibuprofen works for me… 😉

Your turn…