Which Water Filter To Buy

February 28, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

Reader Question: I am looking at water filter systems. I can not afford Berkey’s stainless steel tanks, but I can afford two of their filters. (What are the recommendations)?

Answer: I appreciate that you cannot afford to spend the money for this top-of-the-line water filter system. The Big Berkey Water Filter is a quality tabletop filter that will last you a lifetime. However if you cannot afford the ~$200 for this type of water filter, there are other options.

You mentioned that you could afford the ceramic filters that go inside the Berkey. There are various instructions and videos online how to build your own while using the same ceramic water filters of the Berkey, but you will sacrifice your time and be subject to your own ingenuity and manufacture.

I would suggest simply finding a water filter system that you can afford. Shop around. Just bear in mind that the general rule applies – you get what you pay for. A cheap water filter will probably not provide the results that an expensive one will. There are tabletop water filters, portable water filters, faucet-adapter filters, and pitcher gravity filters.

I have a Big Berkey, which I use the most and feel that it is the best money I’ve spent because it has already has lasted over 10 years. I have a number of portable hand-pump water filters (Katadyn and PUR). I have a faucet adapter filter (PUR) and a pitcher water filter (Brita). I am happy with all of them – as they each do their job.

For me personally, when I’m looking for a product, I look for signs of quality. I am of the opinion that paying for quality will reward in dividends. I do not want to worry about it breaking or finding out that it is inferior. Sometimes it’s difficult to see through the marketing BS of some products, but if you search, Google it, check Amazon reviews, etc., you will discover what’s good and not-so-good.

I hope this basic advice helps somewhat. It’s up to you to find what you need that fits your budget and choose one that feels right for you. I do believe that owning a water filter is one of the top priorities of any preparedness list. Clean, pure, drinking water. We need it to survive.