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How to Put Out a Grease Fire

February 28, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


A fire needs 3 things to burn. Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. A fire will keep growing until one of those is removed.

The safest way to put out a grease fire burning in a pan…

Remove the oxygen.

Here’s how…

Put on Oven Mitts to protect your hands.

Get the lid that fits the pan and ‘slide’ it across the top of the pan to smother the flames.
Or, use a cookie sheet and ‘slide’ it over the top of the burning pan.

Shut off the burner to stop adding heat.

Leave the pan alone, don’t move it, and don’t remove the lid until it has cooled completely.


Other ways to put out a grease fire…

Use a class B or BC or ABC fire extinguisher.

‘First Alert’ Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Note: A Fire Extinguisher will release a-lot of pressure, so start at a distance away and move towards the fire, rather than up-close spraying directly on to the burning grease which could tip the pan and spread the fire.

You could also…
Carefully pour a good amount of baking soda onto the grease fire.

Soak a towel under the faucet, wring out the excess dripping water, and drape over the burning grease pan to smother it. (This is very effective, quick and easy!)


Things NOT TO DO with a grease fire

DO NOT move or carry the pan outside, it will fan the flames and risk spreading.

DO NOT douse the grease fire with water, or milk, etc…
If you do, it will explode into a fireball.

DO NOT throw flour on to a grease fire because flour is combustible.


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