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Living in a Tiny Home – With No Mortgage

July 17, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin


Here is an interesting video about a family that downsized in a major way.  While so many people today feel they must have that BIG HOUSE, the one that will consume most of their take-home pay, there are others who settle for less while knowing that the sooner it’s paid off, the more ‘free’ they will be. Free to retire earlier, free to value their personal time more for themselves, free to spend on other things if they choose, etc. The older one gets, the more one realizes that it’s not about the big house. It’s about other things including the value of your time alive on this earth.

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A few years ago, Debra and her family lived in a nearly 2000 square foot home on an acre and a half of land. Then her husband lost his job and they began to work 4 jobs between them to pay the mortgage, until one day they remembered they had a choice.

Before having their son, Debra and her husband Gary had spent 9 years living in very tiny homes in South America. Living small hadn’t felt like a sacrifice, but a way to stay focused on what is important. They decided they wanted to get back to that.

They stopped working so hard, sold or gave away all of their extra stuff and began looking for the perfect tiny home.

Debra had always liked the Mississippi shotgun style homes, and one day, while browsing craigslist, they noticed an ad for a local Arkansas company custom building tiny homes for a price that could mean an end to house payments.

Six weeks and $15,000 later they had their own fully paid-off dwelling. Today, Debra, her husband and 13-year-old son live in a 320-square foot home that is not a sacrifice, but exactly what they need.


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