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POLL: If You Are Living Urban Or Suburban, Do You Know Someone Who Lives Rural?

June 9, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


Most people live in urban and suburban areas (as opposed to rural areas).

I’m curious to hear from those who live in suburbia (suburban) or urban areas (as opposed to ‘rural’), how many of you know someone who does live ‘rural’ (and they also know you)?

Suburban: The suburbs and residential districts adjacent to or surrounding cities.
Urban: High population density, the city.
Rural: The country.


Generally speaking, you either live in the so called ‘country’ (we’ll include those who live in a region of a very small town or small towns away from population density),

or you live ‘in the city’,

or you live in the suburbs.

Wherever you currently live, you pretty much know which one it is.

Excluding those of you who already live in the rural country (please refrain from voting),
how many of the rest of you know someone who lives rural (in the country)? The prerequisite of a ‘yes’ answer is that ‘they’ must also know you or know of you…

If you don’t know anyone rural, please vote too, so as to get a better perspective of yes vs. no.

POLL Results:


Of those who participated in the poll and who live either in suburbia or the city, nearly 80% know someone who lives in the country.

This led to the following article,
Urbanites & Suburbanites: Establish Your Rural BOL