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Sunday Pictures (2015-06-28)

June 28, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

There are lots of ferns like these around the property. I like the looks of them…

While we talk preparedness all week long, Sunday is a good day to take a step back and look around. There’s lots to see out there…

Here are a few more pictures from this week:


There are also lots of purple Iris flowers all over the place… Nice color.

The power of nature. One day earlier this week we were under a tornado watch. Some wicked weather did come our way (fortunately no rotation) and this is what it looked like at one point…

When the weather cleared the next day, the sun was so bright that Sampson could only squint.

I’ve mentioned before how we have lots of rabbits around here. Actually they are Snowshoe Hares. This one exhibits his monster ‘snowshoe’ foot as he cleans it.


I captured the next series of pictures earlier this week when a tiny little Fawn was galloping around the property non-stop and at FULL SPEED, and literally did not stop the entire time while in view (a few minutes)! It was quite a special treat to witness it while momma deer just watched the ‘crazy’ little Fawn who apparently just discovered that it could run. And I’ve got to tell ya… it can run FAST!