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Sunday Pictures (2015-07-05)

July 5, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin

Looks like a full moon – taken July 2

Time to take a break. Look around. Look up, look down, look around… There’s a world out there other than that of the 2-legged variety and all its associated issues…

Here are a few more from this week:

The sun was shining just right on this vase of flowers in our window, and it was worthy of this photo.

Remember the photo from several weeks ago of ‘momma’ Robin sitting on her eggs underneath our deck? Well now there are three little Robins…

I know, I’ve posted a-lot of deer photos, but there are so many around here…

Mrs.J tried giving this Showshoe Hare a carrot. Apparently this rabbit does not like carrots…

A contrast of clouds building over the mountains. You’ve probably noticed that I enjoy weather phenomenon…