Sunday Pictures (2015-07-26)

This red ‘momma squirrel’ recently had six baby squirrels

It’s not all doom and gloom out there. Take a look around at nature and it might lift your spirits… Here’ more:


…and here’s one of them, climbing the stairs to the deck

…and three more…

…and these two hiding under the lawn tractor

Yesterday I discovered that we have wild blueberries in parts of our fields!

While walking some of the fields last evening I captured this amazing shot of a bumblebee clinging to the stem of a wildflower with its head inside gathering nectar.

Now the fields are loaded with this yellow wildflower.

A few days ago I noticed this morning dove sitting comfortably on the roof of the truck.

Earlier this week I walked into the side yard and scared this Turkey which flew into a tree.
Yes, Turkey’s can fly.


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