In Massive Social Collapse, Your Only Rights Are Those You Can Defend


In a massive social collapse, law and order break down and man’s true nature will be revealed. During this time of chaos, an individual will have rights only as long as he can defend them.

A devastating social collapse will smash your preconception of safety & security…

This is the subtle logic of violence. Your rights are those you can defend.

Most people may feel uncomfortable with this, but it is true. For your chance to survive a major social collapse, you must understand this.

Many (most) people live in (mostly) safe and secure suburbs and have never had to defend themselves or their property. These same people (mostly) will not grasp, understand, or accept the logic of violence. Criminals on the other hand, understand it fully.

During the years of our lives we have lived in an orderly society, where most people obey the laws and those who do not are dealt with by the police and the justice system. Most criminals are held in check by the threat of force by the police who enforce the law which results in a mostly orderly society. When there is violence to be done, the police handle it.

While there are exceptions to any scenario, I trust you get the general idea…

Following a major social collapse however, the criminal element will be unleashed while the police become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the collapse coupled with the fact that many of them will be busy defending their own home, property, and family.

Collapse will be worst in the city (where martial law may be declared), less so in the suburbs, and even less so in rural America.

If and until order is restored,
your rights will consist of those which you can personally defend.

Defending your rights under social-collapse conditions will (with high probability) result with engaging in the threat of force or violence, or the action thereof. It’s not a pleasant thought for most people used to an orderly and safe society. But it will be a reality. It’s best that you consider it.

Most people don’t have much if any experience with guns or defending themselves against violence. While a great many Americans do own a firearm, there are also many who do not. Many or most of those who do own a firearm probably have not given serious thought to the circumstances of a major social collapse and the ensuing reality of having to defend one’s rights for real. Most people think it can’t happen…

If you are reading this, then I hope you will at least think about it. If you own a firearm(s), practice with it (them). If you do not, then I hope that you will consider it.

The best weapon for home defense may be the shotgun, one with a short barrel (easier to handle). A shotgun and its big barrel is an intimidating site to be staring down… it’s nearly impossible to ‘miss’ at close range, and the sound of racking the action is enough to make anyone think twice…

Perhaps a 12 gauge Remington pump 870 with an 18” barrel. Check the legality in your state regarding barrel length restrictions. Although having said that, during collapse, who really is going to stop you…? Just saying…


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