Social Chaos Survival Guide

January 26, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


Definition of Social Chaos

  • A condition or place of great disorder or confusion
  • A disorderly mass
  • A state of utter confusion
  • Lacking order or predictability
  • Complete disorder
  • Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random
  • Anarchy
  • Bedlam
  • Disorder
  • Pandemonium
  • Turmoil

There is no single accurate definition for social chaos, but one thing for sure… most of us know it when we see it.

Most of us have lived our lives without ever having personally witnessed human social chaos. And those who have experienced it within a civilized society, probably have only experienced it on a relatively small scale.

The modern world of today and its burgeoning population density is increasing the risk potential for social chaos due to a number of factors including dependencies on complicated systems that keep people alive, economic stresses, and political forces.

When critical mass is reached from forces or triggers of sociological, political, financial, or other structures of life-dependent entities, these systems may break down or even collapse under the pressures applied to them.

People become fearful, distressed, and angry. An already tense situation can rapidly turn to social chaos.

The trigger or tipping point for social chaos is often unpredictable. Some of us may instinctively know when we are near such a point with the recognition of the right ingredients being ‘in the mix’.

Once an event is triggered, it may rapidly evolve into a domino effect where the situation suddenly explodes into chaos.


Something Is Coming

There are many risks that we are facing today, any of which could turn into a social chaos event that could change our lives forever. The sleeping majority have little or no clue, which will only make matters worse when it happens, if it happens. They will be unprepared.

Many people and preppers know somehow that something is wrong and something is going to give (break)… Something is coming.

We have been witnessing increasing examples of social chaos around the Middle East and elsewhere in the world while people revolt against their governments. We see it on TV in the news while it somehow feels foreign and distant.

The currencies of the world are under enormous stresses as we have entered a period of currency war, while purchasing power plummets as Fiat money is debased from exploding deficits, debt, and money printing.

Too much debt, no way to repay it, banking crisis not resolved, ponzi scheme, middle class is broke, higher taxes, manufacturing jobs are overseas, population, dependencies on systems, sinking to the least common denominator, more people ‘need’ the government than do not, more takers than workers, world demand for dwindling resources, peak oil, the dollar losing reserve status, the ‘terrorist’ word, government spying on citizens, more rights taken away for our ‘security’, tyrannical behavior, the DHS buying more than 1 Billion bullets, the rise of FEMA, and finally they are looking to take the citizens guns. It’s all wrong.

The question is, will the demise be a long and slow crash landing? Or will it come fast… What would you do if you if a tipping point sets off social chaos? Do you have what it takes to survive the situation? Have you ever thought about it?


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