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The Best Outdoor Motion Detector Light

November 3, 2010, by Ken Jorgustin

Best Outdoor Motion Light - RAB Super Stealth 360
RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light mounted on my deck


How to choose the best outdoor motion detector light

There are three main criteria to picking the best outdoor motion detector light to fulfill your needs, be it for security or for convenience.


HOW FAR AWAY, or what distance will the motion detector sense movement before the light turns on…

The sensing distance is very important for outdoor security when it is dark outside. If the purpose is for security, you definitely want the maximum distance possible. Being able to sense motion at long distances is where high quality motion detectors shine. This is where you get your money’s worth. If distance is not a big concern, then most any typical motion light will be OK.

HOW WIDE is the motion detection area of the sensor and what it will “see”…

Outdoor motion detector lights are also rated by their detection pattern, including coverage width, or their sensing angle measured in degrees. For the best security protection, a 360 degree full circle coverage is absolutely the best. This will leave no dead zones whatsoever. A 180 degree half circle coverage may be good enough if the motion detector light is mounted against, or on an outdoor wall.

HOW MUCH POWER or maximum wattage of the motion detector light…

An outdoor motion detector light is also measured by how many watts that the total number of bulbs can add up to. The typical maximum total bulb power is often 300 watts for ordinary motion detector lights, but high quality motion detectors can switch 300 watts and more (like some of the ‘RAB’ models which will handle 1,000 watts). For security purposes, you want it bright; and while a 300 watt rating is good, a 1,000 watt rating is top of the line and ‘best’ for home security.

The Best Motion Light For Outdoors

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light STL360HBW

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light STL360HBW (WHITE)

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light STL360H (BRONZE)

Having owned quite a lot of outdoor motion lights, over time I have found my absolute favorite, the RAB Super Stealth 360 (any model).

Several years ago, I upgraded an existing outdoor motion light (which was another brand) by simply replacing the motion sensor assembly with a RAB Sensor, which gave me all the features I was looking for (pictured below).

RAB Super Stealth 360

It will detect motion out to an incredible distance of 60 feet when mounted properly.

It has a 180 degree coverage detection pattern and also a 360 degree full circle coverage detection pattern facing down underneath it.

It will handle and switch 1,000 watts of power and comes in various light configurations to handle various lamps.

There are many more high quality features integrated into the RAB Super Stealth including temperature compensation, high voltage spike protection, scanning LED’s, and RF immunity.

Here is a more recent article that I wrote after having installed an additional RAB outdoor motion light on my house, mounted to the deck:
The Best Outdoor Motion Light For Home Security

Remember, “you get what you pay for”, and this one is worth the money. In fact, it’s so good, that I have been inspired to post this review and recommendation to you for your protection and security.