THE Best Outdoor Motion Light For Your Home Security


I have no doubt whatsoever that the ‘RAB Super Stealth’ outdoor motion light is absolutely the best there is for home security.

RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 Sensor (White)

RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 Sensor (Brown)

Remember, you get what you pay for.
Despite the higher cost of this motion light, trust me – it’s worth it!

Why do I say that? Because I have lots of them, and have been completely satisfied for years.

I recently purchased and installed two more of these outdoor motion lights to beef up my home security, and although I already have RAB motion lights from several years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover even more improvements to their already stellar product.

They’re still the best. And here’s why:


I mounted this outdoor motion light on one end of the deck (the other new ‘RAB’ is mounted on the other end) with the idea being to have the entire perimeter of the house covered from every direction for better security. For my setup, this means four motion lights.

Having moved to a new (very rural) location this year, one enjoyable project has been solidifying all aspects of my home security – including my outdoor motion light situation (just one aspect of one’s overall home security). There was no hesitation while choosing which additional motion light to use – being convinced that this is the best there is.

Some time ago (way back in 2010) I wrote an article on this particular RAB outdoor motion light – having been inspired by it’s effectiveness after a recent installation.
The Best Outdoor Motion Detector Light

My opinion (best) hasn’t changed. In fact it’s even stronger. Here’s why


Reasons Why The RAB Super Stealth Is The Best Outdoor Motion Light

It’s long range. This motion light has no problem reaching out 60 feet for detection in a 180 degree pattern. This is important to me because I want the earliest notification possible.

360 degree motion sensing. The RAB has two detectors. One reaches out for distance and the other looks ALL AROUND, including UNDERNEATH. This second detector has a reach of about 10 – 15 feet behind it and underneath it. There is NO sneaking up on this one.

Temperature compensation. This means that it’s motion sensitivity is automatically adjusted for optimal detection regardless of the hot or cold temperature outside.

Surge protection. Built in surge protection to 6000 volts will protect your investment (spikes from thunderstorms, power tools, etc.).

RF Immunity. This motion detector is protected from radio frequency interference.

Scanning LEDs. Three red LEDs are always scanning across the face of the motion detector – a great deterrent too.

Motion detector advanced logic. They have figured out a way to minimize false triggers.

Wattage Capacity. Unlike most other motion detectors, this one can switch up to 1,000 watts, and has the ability to daisy chain additional lights along with the two which are part of the RAB. Currently I am using 150 watt flood lights for each – but good to know I could go higher.

UPDATE: I have found the best (so far) LED flood light replacement bulbs for all of my motion lights and posted a review here… Best LED Flood Light – Spotlight



There are additional features too, but those listed above are important to me and part of the reason I use their motion detector light. A very important part of overall preparedness is one’s home security. While you still have electricity, an outdoor motion light (or several) is one of the best deterrents you can have for a first level defense at night.

Note: I have a background in electronics (among other things) and installed these motion lights myself. I can tell you that RAB has made it very accommodating for the installer (or electrician) with several thoughtful and helpful inclusions to make the installation go smoothly. 1st class all the way.

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light


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