Tips For First Time Gun Buyers

May 31, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

Guest post: by ‘Night Owl’

Gun sales are up! With terrorism, uncertainty of what the Obama administration might do as far as gun control, a generally heightened awareness of self security and the vast majority of states issuing concealed carry permits to lawful citizens, more and more Americans are buying guns for the first time. Most people want a handgun for self defense and home protection. If an armed intruder breaks into your house the Police will never get there fast enough to save you and your families lives.


But which type of handgun should you get, revolver or pistol (semi-auto)? Semi-automatics (hereafter “pistols”), like Glocks, Colt .45’s, various 9mm’s are “Hollywood sexy and cool”, but for a novice not the best choice. Pistols can be complicated to use, especially in chaotic, high-stress situations. Each additional step necessary to operate a machine, in this case a handgun, is one more chance for something to go wrong. First and foremost, a gun HAS to go “bang” every time you squeeze the trigger, your life might depend on this.

For a pistol to operate reliably EVERY TIME!, you HAVE to make sure –

1) the magazine or “clip” is properly loaded and inserted into the gun,
2) The pistol must be cocked and/or the slide must be pulled back and released.
3) The safety must be in the “fire” position.
4) The slide must be all the way in the “forward locked position” or the pistol won’t fire.
5) If you get a “dud” round of ammunition not only will the pistol not fire but you will also have to “rack” the slide again hoping the “dud” round just falls out easily and make sure the slide locks all the way into the forward position before you can again try to fire the pistol.

Now imagine trying to go through all of these steps while a rapist, murderer or gang banger is attacking you, and by the way, you’ll need BOTH hands free to do this. By now the bad guy has killed you and your spouse three times.

With a revolver, you just load it and squeeze the trigger. Most revolvers don’t have or need a safety, as the trigger pull is “heavy” enough to prevent accidental firings. If you get a dud round, you just squeeze the trigger again and a new round is fired. The Police carried revolvers for 100 years and it served them well, some individual officers still choose to carry revolvers in part because of the guns absolute reliability. I can carry any gun I want, and I carry a S&W revolver.

For a first time gun owner a revolver is absolutely the best choice. Revolvers are utterly reliable, easy to use and have the added benefit of appearing somewhat “old hat” or mundane (rather than some hi-capacity “Rambo-gun”) if you ever have to actually use it and then explain to a judge and jury why.


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