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UN Arms Treaty Will Bind US Despite Majority Senate Dissenters

July 23, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

This may affect your security; your 2nd Amendment Rights. According to Dick Morris, when Hillary signs the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty on July 27, there will be no requirement for the U.S. Senate to ratify it, because the United States (Americans) will be bound to the treaty via a technicality of having previously signed the Vienna Convention, which the U.S. Senate apparently ratified! Read on…


The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is an International, United Nations based, regimen (governmental rule or control) of gun control throughout the world.
Finishing Touches on UN Anti Gun Treaty
Disinformation Continues as U.N. Arms Treaty Takes Shape

Despite the fact that there are enough U.S. Senators who have said they will NOT ratify this treaty, the fact that the ratification will be kept from reaching the Senate for a vote, we will apparently be ‘bound’ to it anyway, through the Vienna Convention (which says that when we sign a treaty, until it is either rejected by the Senate or renounced by a president, it remains IN FORCE).

Since it will not be rejected by the Senate (Obama and the Senate majority leader will keep it from reaching the floor), and the president certainly will not renounce the treaty (he is in favor of it), when Hillary signs it on July 27 we are bound to it. Done. Over.

Folks, this is not being covered by the main stream…


Watch the video for detail from Dick Morris:


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