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What Is Your EDC Handgun And Why?

October 25, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


For those who ‘every day carry’ (EDC) a handgun, or for those who do carry but maybe not every day, what is your handgun of choice, and why that one?

I admit that I do not have ‘the one’. It will vary depending on what I’m doing / where I’m going, the season which affects how I dress, or whether I’m carrying IWB or OWB (inside the waistband or outside the waistband) – which may depend on circumstances…

For most of us we have not had the luxury to try out all sorts of different handguns to discover which works best for us, and many of us may simply carry whatever it is that we have decided to purchase at one time or another.

There are countless opinions regarding caliber, handgun manufacturers, models, etc.., so it is a given that there will be disagreements. But lets put that aside while simply letting others know what it is that you carry, and why…

My disclosure:

Most often, a Glock G19 Gen4 (9mm). More often than not (season dependent) I will carry it in a OWB holster while still able to conceal it by my choice of outerwear. I do sometimes carry this gun IWB when I wish to have more concealment due to my choice of clothes – it’s just not as comfortable that way for me.

Glock Reference Guide

When ‘out and about’ on my property here at home, it will likely be the S&W M&P 45. I will also carry this handgun when out in the forest due to its caliber. If ever the SHTF, this would be my full time carry and it would always be OWB for fastest access.

Least often, but when circumstances necessitate it, I carry the Colt ‘Mustang’ Pocketlite (.380). It is a very small semi-auto and is virtually unnoticeable while carrying IWB or in a pocket holster. I really like it, however it doesn’t ‘pack the punch’ of others and will not hold as many rounds.

Okay let’s hear from you and your choices for EDC…