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The 24th solar cycle, solar cycle No. 24, has been one of the four ‘latest’ since records began tracking the approximate 11 year cycles of sunspot activity.

On several occasions NASA scientists had adjusted and pushed forward their estimate of the progression of cycle No. 24, but during the month of March, and the ongoing activity during April, the sunspot activity has vaulted the cycle progression back to the front lines.

As evidenced in the sunspot activity chart above, the sun has exploded with activity, enough to raise an eyebrow while saying to yourself, ‘Whoaa’.

As the sun boils up increased numbers of sunspots, we here on Earth need to be wary of the resultant solar flares and CME’s that are often hurled in our direction.

These enormous belches of radiation have the potential of changing life as we know it, in just a matter of minutes.

An X-class solar flare can reach the Earth in just 8 minutes (CME’s, Coronal Mass Ejections, can take days). If an X-class flare, or CME, is of sufficient magnitude (keyword: sufficient magnitude), it could bring down our electrical power grid and end life as we know it… for a long period of time.

Do some of your own search-engine research on the ‘Carrington Event’ of 1859. If that were to happen today…

We will be keeping a more observant eye on the sun now that it has ‘awakened’ as we ride the ramp up to solar maximum.

Being a survival blog, we bring risk awareness to the forefront, particularly those that interest us – which includes this one. Scientists clearly say that a repeat of the Carrington Event is not a matter of ‘if’… but… you know the rest.

So, at least consider it as part of your overall preparedness ‘insurance’ plans. Imagine what life would be like for a year without electricity. It’s a worst case scenario.


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