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What in the Sky is Google Hiding?

April 16, 2011, by Ken Jorgustin

The following Google Sky coordinates evidently contain something very interesting –
interesting enough to hide??

Having just researched a bit on recent asteroid discoveries (36 newly discovered near-Earth asteroids in the first four months of 2011 !), I came across this interesting anomaly during my internet search…

When using Google Sky (an amazing application), upon entering the coordinates in the Search Box,
5:53:27.0, -6:10:58.0

format is RA (HH:MM:SS.S), DEC (DD:MM:SS.S)

you will see the black monolith.

Upon more research I discovered that there is a bit of conspiracy surrounding this, having to do with ‘Nibiru’, ‘Planet X’.

Where it gets interesting…

Enter the same galactic coordinates in IRSA (NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive), but in their format,
5h 53m 27s -6d 10m 58s

Select the WISE format (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer), and you will see the infrared imagery.

Apparently, the IRSA imagery is capable of displaying extremely ‘cold’ object(s) due to the technology that was applied during the capture. In other words, some of the object(s) that were captured and recorded may be ‘cold enough’ such that they apparently cannot be seen visibly – no matter the magnification or power, and therefore cannot be seen or verified by any visible telescope today.

Therein lies the conspiracy. No telescope on Earth today can ‘see’ temperatures that close to ‘absolute zero’.

Absolute Zero is defined as 0 degrees ‘Kelvin’, about -273 Celsius, and -460 Fahrenheit.

The IRSA database contains imagery within that range, and was recorded as such, until such time that the orbiting telescopic system ran out of ‘cooling’.

The debunkers claim that ‘if’ there were something to hide, that it would have been discovered by now by the legions of amateurs, institutions, or private professionals here on Earth. The problem is though, that they cannot ‘see’ objects that ‘cold’, without having a sophisticated system in place – in orbit, to ‘see’ such things.

In any event, this anomaly is interesting, especially given that Google is such a huge organization with seemingly unlimited funds to get things done. So, why this one little piece of the sky is blacked out? Maybe there is a reasonable explanation. Or maybe…

Yes, that is the question.

google-sky 5:53:27.0, -6:10:58.0


Reminiscent of the monolith in 2001 Space Odyssey

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